Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Social Media Umbrella

How does it all work?

Social media umbrella believe that keeping a consistent presence is key to being visible on social media platforms so have set packages designed to do just that. After you decide what package you would like we will ask you to fill out more details on your business so that we can post relevant updates for your audience.

Once we have enough information we will post to the frequency of you package requirements to the platform you request.

Do you stay in touch?

Yes, each month we will email you to ask about company developments, offers you have or if there is any specific topics you would like us to post about.

If you have news you can email us at any time.

What Social Media Platforms do you work with?

At present we work with Facebook Pages (no personal accounts), Twitter, LinkedIn pages and Instagram

How will you access my accounts?

Facebook and LinkedIn business pages can be accessed by granting admin rights and we’ll send you instructions on how to do this.  Twitter and Instagram will need to be accessed by password.

Do you need my passwords?

Yes, for Twitter and Instagram we will need password access.

Do I still have access to my accounts?


We encourage you to post so that you are keeping in touch with your pages and also stay active on the platforms to answer messages or sales enquiries as they come in

Do you answer messages from my pages?

No, it’s important that messages are received by your business for feedback and business development purposes. Social Media Umbrella will not reply to messages or comments on your behalf.

How often will you post?

Depending on the package you have we will post on average between 3-5 times per week on each of the platforms that you request with your package.

Can I get more posts?

Yes, you can change your package at any time.

Will you set up my accounts?

If you don’t already have social media accounts we can set them up for you at a cost of £150.00/account.

Do I need to have lots of social media accounts?

We can work with the social media platforms you choose. If you’d like more, we can add them at a later date.

Do you boost posts?

No, if you would like to boost posts you are free to do so. Social media umbrella does not provide this service.

Do you create sponsored posts?

No, at present we do not offer this service.

Will you create my blogs?

We do not offer a blogging service, we are happy to put you in touch with writers who will write the blogs on your behalf.

Will you create my website?

Our parent site The Marketing Geeks will be able to advise you on Website development.

I don’t want a social media presence; how do I cancel?

That’s easy, let us know before the date of your last payment (giving us a minimum 30days notice) and then cancel your subscription through paypal.