Our Packages

Social Media Umbrella want to help you keep an active social media presence for your business.

From as little as £500 (inc VAT) per month you can have you social media accounts kept active with informed and relevant content that will resonate with your customers and maintain open lines of communication on platforms your customers feel comfortable contacting you on.

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Our Bronze Package:

Staying consistent is key so if you are looking for a basic presence that keeps your followers up to date and increases awareness of your products, service, business updates our bronze package will do just that. you can choose which platform you want us to post on.

Our Silver Package:

Following on from the bronze, if you would like to post to two platforms then you can do so by choosing the silver package.

Our Gold Package:

With the gold package you will get you weekly social media posts on three platforms, keeping you consistently in in your customers feeds, This will help drive customers to your website and build  your SEO status.

Our Platinum Package:

Multiple posts over up to four platforms will consistently be directing potential customers to your website can be an incredible boost to your social media presence and will encourage visitors to your site to drive your SEO status. The premium package gives you strategical social media posts that will develop your presence over a variety of platforms.


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